Star Wars

One of the most iconic space-opera series created by George Lucas, Star Wars is literally a worldwide phenomenon that makes a dent in pop culture that started way back in the late 70s. The hit multimedia franchise flourished with the inspiration of remaking the Flash Gordon from the 1930s. With George Lucas' genius in making his space opera version, Star Wars quickly became one of the most influential and prosperous franchises in motion picture history. Along with their success came an opportunity to recreate mini versions of each character and introduce them as toy collectibles. The original line of Star Wars Toys came from Kenner way back from 1977 to 1979 along with the rise of the popularity of Star Wars and has remained relevant ever since, even till today. From 1978 to 1985, Kenner successfully sold more than 300 million star wars action figures and began releasing a new set of action figures in 1995. The footprint made by the iconic Star Wars was more than just hype, and it has been at the forefront of the toy collectible industry for so long now. Aside from collecting their action figures to reminisce and pay tribute to one of the best space stories ever, many collectors would agree that it is wise to hold star wars toys. This is because it passes the time and tends to increase significant value as the toys become vintage. One of the most expensive star wars toys ever sold came from the Boba Fett Figure Collections and was sold with over $100,000 at an auction in 2019. Star Wars Figures have been continually improving over the past years, which made them better for collecting and recreating the most iconic scenes in your favorite Star Wars Movies. Whether you're more into the vintage collections, exclusive figures, or any star wars collectibles you may think of, they got you covered. If you ever wondered where you could find the complete set of star wars inspired action figures, you'll be pleased to know that we've got you all covered here at Big Bang Toys. Starting from vintage collections, the black series, star wars 40th anniversary, legacy collection, and even funko pop versions of your favorite star wars characters, you can all find them in one place. Big Bang Toys has been one of the leading distributors of toy collections online for years now, and we are proud to offer you our vast range of star wars collectibles. With these collectibles, you'll be able to re-imagine your favorite movie scenes and collect the most iconic characters ever made in motion picture history. We believe that Star Wars is more than just a movie series, but it has already become a movement for so many fans that remains loyal even years after their space story. This means that the value of Star Wars Collectibles will stay relevant for many more years to come. Browse and find your favorite Star Wars figures here at Big Bang Toys today!