Vintage Backstage 1/12 Scale Pop-Up Diorama

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It’s time to take your action figures away from the current modern day backstage area, and time travel to a time when things were not so pristine. A time when paying your dues were as important as listening to the roar of a crowd. This Vintage Backstage Pop-Up is all attitude, and a perfect option for any toy photographer. Each of the five highly detailed wall panels help create a different story for your action figure. The two lockers and four benches give you the locker room vibe, without the smell. Added to this highly detailed set is one small case, one large case, and one extra large case. Each of these cases can be moved around and used for what your imagination allows you to create. Also packed in are two ground panels to complete the backstage area vibe. Standing at 15 inches tall, don’t let this Vintage Backstage area slip away to time and be forgotten.

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